Monday, July 27, 2015

MUSIC MONDAY // Oslo Parks

Welcome back to another Music Monday post!
Today I'm introducing you to Oslo Parks, a British duo that specializes in electronic pop. As Q Magazine describes their sound, it's "blissful synth washes, chirpy funk pop."

Sounds like the perfect remedy to a Monday if you ask me! Take a listen and let me know what you think. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

REVIEW // Rue 21's "Charmed" Perfume

Fragrance c/o Rue 21
How often do you pick up a perfume bottle at Rue 21? 
Not too often? Well, I hope today's review changes that. 

I'll admit, when it comes to shopping at Rue 21, I mainly stick to clearance racks and finding affordable basics. There's only one bottle of perfume I'd found that I really liked from them (Pink Ice!), and I was curious to see if their new fragrance could make that two bottles. 
On July 22nd, Rue 21 launched a new fragrance called Charmed, and as you can see, the boxing for it matches the theme perfectly. Because guess what? Not only do you get a perfume, you get an accessory! The fun decorations on the box are charms you can add to the cord tied around the bottle. I had fun putting mine together (especially the little Eiffel Tower!). 
I've found that Rue 21 perfumes are typically too sweet or too musky. Charmed finds a comfortable balances that leans towards the sweet side. I'm not very good at describing scents, but this is the official description of it:
Charmed is flirtatious and mysterious and leaves a lasting impression. The scent includes sweet vanilla with a hint of fresh orange and mysterious musk and top notes of creme brulee! So yes, on the sweet side certainly, but not in a nose-crinkling way. More like a "Ooooh, can I sniff you again?" kind of way. I'm happy to say this particular scent mixes well with my body's chemistry and I'm left with a warm, sweet smell throughout the day. 
As you can see, I really had to tear into the box to get my charms out, but hey - I wasn't planning on keeping that part anyway. I love layering up jewelry, so this simple charm bracelet will be an easy way to add to my stacked bracelets. 
I can't help but compare this idea to the latest Target collaboration with Eddie Borgo. It seems that personalizing and accessorizing with jewelry is a huge trend right now, and Rue 21 is on the right track with this cute perfume idea.

If you decide to pop into Rue 21, try getting a whiff of Charmed, and let me know what you think - or if you bought it! It's also available online HERE. If you found this post a bit wordy for you, I also did a YouTube video reviewing it, and you can certainly watch the video instead. Don't forget to visit my channel for other content as well - I've been doing more "Idahome" vlogs, which I personally enjoy. Come check out what the potato state has to offer - we have more than just a good crop of spuds!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

REVIEW // Jord Wooden Watch

Watch c/o Jord
I bet most of you saw this one coming (well, if you follow me on Instagram, for sure!). Jord watches have been making the rounds lately, and I was lucky enough to get to review one as well. 
For some background information, Jord is a Swedish word meaning "earth, soil, land." It's a fitting name for a brand that strives to show off their style that's guided by a deep appreciation for natural elements and modern design. Wood is not just a component of their watches - it's the main feature! When I unboxed this watch, I may or may not have gasped out loud. Seriously, this is one high quality piece of craftsmanship. The smooth finish, rich red color, and attention to detail takes this watch above and beyond the rest. 
All in all I am seriously impressed by this watch and love how it looks! If I had to compare it to my MEKU wooden watch...well, there's no comparison. This baby is bolder, richer, and exquisite. Not to demean MEKU by any means! I'd say if you didn't want to invest as much in a quality watch, try out MEKU. If you're ready to own a grown up piece, take a look at Jord's selection.
Each wooden watch comes with a 12 month warranty - so you know you're the owner of a serious watch if it comes with that! They guarantee that it will arrive in flawless condition and (when treated well - don't go flinging your watch against trees to test it's strength or something) will continue to be just as amazing as when it first arrived.

What do you think of this statement piece? Would you try Jord's wooden watches?

In the company's own words:
"Sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living. Jord owners don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. We believe our watches tell more than time."

Wood Watch Review

Monday, July 20, 2015

REVIEW // Meku Wooden Watch

Watch c/o MEKU
I'm back with some new content (finally), and I'm excited to share a review of this gorgeous watch.

MEKU products are sold on Amazon and include not only wooden watches, but include many authentic accessories such as camera straps, messenger bags, and snapbacks. With school coming up soon (ugh, I hate even saying it), I may just pay their shop a visit again to get some fun accessories!
They got in touch with me about reviewing one of their watches and I leaped at the chance. Of course, it wasn't too long after that that I received another e-mail from a different company about reviewing a similar item, but you'll see in a future post what I'm talking about...

This MEKU watch is their two-tone natural sandalwood quartz wood series. It's a lovely accessory to decorate the wrist with, and I love that it has two complementary colors. Since it's made out of wood, each watch is unique as no piece of wood is the exact same. Pretty awesome, huh? I've always loved having something I know nobody else owns. This style statement guarantees it!
Plus, how many of your friends have such a handy jewelry piece? Instead of whipping out your phone to check the time, just glance down at your wrist. It's much easier that way!
How many of you use a watch? Would you invest in a wooden watch? 
I highly recommend it!
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