Monday, July 28, 2014

Music Monday: Laura Welsh

Today's Music Monday features the enchanting Laura Welsh and her single Break the Fall, which I currently can't get out of my head. I hope you enjoy her voice and sound as much as I do! The one line that can't stop ringing through my mind is: "I want to love you but I'm just too cynical."
For some reason, it resonates with me.

Another well known song by her is Cold Front. Take a listen to it as well!

Hope you liked this week's selection!
As for a summer update, here are some photos to give you an idea:
 So on Thursday, my night class got cancelled (AHHHHHHHHHHHH, SO HAPPY!!!!!), and Kirsten and I took an impromptu trip to the lake to soak in the dying rays and get our swimming in. Plus, as you can see, we are just natural babes no matter the circumstances...
Earlier that week, I'd gone to a downtown clothing store's 1 year birthday, where they were doing free henna. I couldn't resist getting this beauty on my back. It's very faint, which makes me sad, but I love how it looked when the henna was still bold. Perhaps I'll just have to get a more permanent version...?
 And before that, Corina paid me a visit, and we ended up taking a spontaneous hike where we did yoga poses on random boulders. It was great, and I miss her already.
Hope your summer is going well! 
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Colored Contacts Review: Spooky Eyes

Contacts: c/o Spooky Eyes
Hello everyone! 
Today I'm posting a review I never thought I'd do, but when the opportunity came along, I figured why not?
Spooky Eyes sent me a pair of colored contacts to review, their Spiral Blue Contact Lenses to be precise.
Now, before I begin the selfie galore show, I must share with you a story from my youth.

"Mom, why are my eyes dirt brown?" I pouted. 
"Hey, what's wrong with brown eyes!?" she exclaimed, narrowing her dark brown ones at me.
"They're not as pretty as daddy's..." I sighed longingly, gazing at a photo of my parents. Dad's cheery blue eyes peered back at me. 
"Listen to me, Linda. Brown eyes are just as beautiful as blue ones. Don't listen to what others may say."

Since then, I've made peace with my dirt brown eyes, and have even come to view them as beautiful. However, the lingering wish of wanting different colored eyes hasn't completely left me. With these spiraling blue contacts, I'm allowed to mix both my natural eye color with the blue shade I used to wish it was! 
It looks as if I've photoshopped my eyeball or something if you do a side by side comparison. 
I walked into work, and my co-worker peered more closely at me.
"Are you stoned? You're stoned, aren't you?"
"No, she's wearing contacts!" another corrected her. 
Haha, so yes, these contacts definitely enlarge your eyes. Creepily so, in my opinion. It's really creepy when you only have one in, so you can compare the size difference!
Buuuuuut when you have both in, the size difference balances out, and while you still look semi-alienish, it's an oddly, freaky, appealing sort of look. I can't decide if I look more alien or anime-like. What do you think?
 I kept these contacts in my eyes for a solid 9 hours without discomfort, which is pretty remarkable! I ended up forgetting I even had them in, and only remembered when I passed a reflective surface and about crapped my pants when my eyes eyes...

Haha, anyway, what do you guys think? Alien or anime? 
Creepy or alluring?
Would you wear colored contacts? What color would you choose?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cropped Cutie

Crop Top: c/o WalG   Shorts: Aeropostale   Bag: c/o Jolly Chic   Sandals: Rue 21   Flower Crown: c/o The Halo
I have never felt very comfortable exposing my stomach, hence the brilliant flash of white you see whenever I raise my arms in these photos. But ah well, this crop top from WalG is just too pretty and perfect for summer to be self conscious about wearing! Paired with high waisted bottoms, this swingy little number should get some use. WalG is a young London label offering transitional, stylish pieces that work from day to night! Plus, you know they're a trendy brand when you find their clothes in Topshop.

I've been having quite a different summer than I'm used to this year. It's a happy one if not filled with some apprehensive feelings about upcoming changes. I'm not certain if I've directly announced this via the blog, but I've made a decision as far as what my next move will be.

So it turns out having your only daughter decide she wants to drop out of college and hop on the next plane out of the country isn't exactly comforting for parents to hear. When I'd started contemplating traveling for a year instead of finishing school, my parents were initially pretty chill about it. But then it was as if overnight, all the news articles about "What Happens to Women Traveling Alone" popped up in every single one of their newsfeeds, because that was all I heard about in the following days.

Travel is definitely something I see in my future and I am certain I will fulfill those dreams. Not in the next year perhaps, but definitely soon after that. For now, I have taken steps to secure a place in Boise, where I will be attending Boise State University in the spring! I'll be doing an awkward, split year between my current community college for the fall and then moving in January to finish up at BSU.

On a side note, I'm taking a Women's Self Defense class in the fall that I'm super excited about. You know, in case I need to break someone's wrist when I'm jet setting around the world later. 
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Music Monday: Paramore x FOB

So, I may or may not have mentioned before, that my friend and I purchased Monumentour tickets a while back. As the date is slowly dragging closer, all I can do is imagine the day I'll be there. Till then, here's a cool mashup of both Paramore and Fall Out Boy! Take a listen, and have a rocking Monday!

Now, as for summer happenings, I had a fun little day out with my pal Saffy and we grabbed some fro-yo while doing some window shopping. I must say, that shirt? I went back and got it.
It was a necessity, I swear.
"I am not a morning person"
The next time I have an early class, I am definitely wearing this to forewarn my teacher!
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