Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW & OOTD // Twinkle Deals + KLens Pop

Hello everyone! I'm finally getting back into my blogging game and have been visiting everyone's blog and have slowly started catching up. So sorry for not responding to comments in a while. Life has been non-stop busy, and I can't wait to share what I've been up to! For now, I'm still catching up on long overdue posts reviewing items that have been sent my way.

So today I'm reviewing two brands in one post: K-Lens Pop and Twinkle Deals (I know, aren't they the cutest names?).

First up, the Bunny Color Brown contacts from K-Lens!
Since these were sent from the same company that sponsored the violet lenses I reviewed HERE, I'd have to say they're exactly the same except for the color. In fact, I was amused to find that they match my natural eye color perfectly. So all these did for me was enlarge the appearance of my eyes. In the end, it adds a slightly more feral appearance to my gaze, which is only noticeable if you look extremely close. Below, a comparison photo of one eye normal and one with the contact in. Can you even tell which is which!?
Contacts: c/o KLens Pop
Time to get on to the Twinkle Deals portion of this review. 
In case you hadn't noticed, there's this gorgeous, shoulderless top I'm wearing that's from this company. Man, it is stunning and I am extremely happy to add it to my closet! I ordered it in XL because I'm built like a man and have the shoulders of one. It has an elastic lining at the top, thankfully, so that wasn't an issue. The sleeves are absolutely gorgeous, with flared bell bottom styled ends that are perfect for playing with in the breeze. 
Top: c/o Twinkle Deals   Shorts: UO   Necklace: Forever 21
It comes with a silky lining underneath that does a decent job at preventing complete transparency. So break out your bandeaus and join the shoulderless trend, ladies! I think it's a wonderful look that perfectly complements summer. Paired with floral crowns and lacy shorts, I'm feeling more summery already.
So to catch you up with why I've been AWOL (besides scheduling posts that have been going up in my absence), this past week has been spent: packing up and moving, visiting family, driving over 400 miles to visit a close friend, running my first 5K (more on that later), and trying to find a job. 
Sheesh, I feel tired just thinking about it...

Anyway, I'm hoping to settle down into a semi-stable routine soon, and that will include blogging and visiting all of your blogs! 

What is your opinion on colored contacts? The shoulderless trend?

Tell me in the comments below!

Monday, May 18, 2015

MUSIC MONDAY // Taylor Swift's Bad Blood

Okay, how many of you have seen this already? I am loving Taylor with red hair and the tough girl posse!
Excuse me while I look up martial arts videos and how much a motorcycle costs.

Haha, hope your Monday just got a better start to it!
I've got a review post coming up that I'm excited to share with you all, so keep an eye out for it this week. I'm finally starting to settle back home, albeit there are still boxes that need to be unpacked and my room is a mess...but I'm getting there!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

CONCERT REVIEW // Foster the People

Last Sunday night, I went to see Foster the People live at the Revolution Center in Boise. 
With dying cell phone and an old point-and-shoot camera (seriously, ancient thing) in hand, I managed to capture moments from the night. Am I ever grateful I was able to! I was surprised by just how high energy the concert was, and ended up thoroughly enjoying my time. Of course, I always enjoy my concert experiences, and each one is different. I already recapped the opening band, Milo Greene, which you can check out on this week's Music Monday post. However, I wasn't sure what to expect with Foster the People. 
Well, I can now tell you to expect an amazing light show, infectious energy, and a wonderful live singer that knows how to draw a crowd in! Something about this show was absolutely absorbing and I'm filled with longing just looking at these photos and remembering the feelings and experience that only comes from being in the moment. 
During the concert, Ruth and I met a cool older woman whom we ended up standing near and chatting with in between sets. She's a huge fan of Foster the People and has seen them three times already during this tour. She seems to have some amazing experiences traveling too, which led to a conversation about investing in experiences instead of things, and the pay offs they lead to. It was just another reminder of a value I absolutely intend to stick to throughout life!
At the end, they made what appeared to be their exit, but the screaming crowd continued their uproar, demanding an encore. Haha, so Mark came back out, strapped an acoustic guitar onto his shoulder and told us the story behind Fire Escape and how he came up with it. It was a special moment, and gave us a glimpse at a time before Foster the People became who they are today. 

Anyway, after a beautiful acoustic performance of Fire Escape, the rest of the band came out and they finished off with Don't Stop (Color on the Walls). Ahhhh, what an amazing end to a show I never wanted to stop! I'll still remember jumping up and down in a kaleidoscope of lights and feeling the music carry me to a height no other substance ever could. I never regret spending money on concerts, because when you go and you have a good time dancing along to the music you've fallen in love with on your stereo, there's no other feeling like it. 

Next up, Lindsey Stirling! Haha, over the previous semester my music junkie self found out about far too many concerts and ended up buying a ton of tickets for the summer. June is going to be jam-packed with events! I can't wait to share it all with you!

Have you seen Foster the People in concert? What do you think of them?
Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

REVIEW // K-Lens Pop Colored Contacts

Contacts: c/o K-Lens Pop
Now many of you may know about my penchant for colored contact lenses. I've reviewed several in the past, all of which came from Spooky Eyes (you can see those reviews here and here). I don't wear them on a daily basis, but rather as a creative project that helps enhance a photo shoot. This time, I was contacted by K-Lens Pop to review two pairs of their colored contacts, and I decided to take a chance and do it!

So today, I'm reviewing the "Dali Extra Size - Violet" lenses.

Packaging: 2/5 stars

First of all, let's talk about the packaging. I would give it more stars because of the adorable design on the box and the little jars each contact came in - HOWEVER! The cheap metal they used to seal the jars were a pain in the ass to take off. Seriously, it was ridiculous. I had to use scissor blades to carefully stab and peel at it until I could open the blasted thing. Maybe there's a secret method to taking them off, but there were no instructions on the box or anywhere else, so unless they fix that, I'm going to have to give packaging a low rating. Otherwise, everything else was fine. Albeit, I don't get the little tweezers...do they really expect you to fish around with it until you nab your contact out of the jar? I just washed my hands first and then poured it out. Much easier!

Appearance: 5/5 stars

These contacts look exactly what the site's photos look like, which is something I appreciate as an online shopper! They enlarged the size of my eyes and added a violet hue. Albeit, they're not as vivid as I might have wished, I was expecting just as much anyway. Overall, there isn't anything about the appearance of these contacts that would cause me to give them a lower rating!

Comfort: 5/5 Stars

Okay, who else would be slightly nervous putting something that you'd ordered online from overseas onto your eyeballs? I know that I was slightly leery about them, but they suctioned on smoothly and easily! They felt just like my regular, prescription contacts and settled without any jabbing pain that sometimes happens when wearing contacts. You know that sensation of feeling your contact every time you blink? I didn't get that at all with these! Overall, the comfort level of these contacts is superb.

Overall Grade: 4/5 Stars

The contacts in and of themselves are great quality! The only thing I had to ding them for was the packaging. Those blasted little jars, man...if they would fix the type of seal they placed over them, they'd get a 5/5 stars! For the review, I had fun creating a vampire style look and even got these close up shots at the local cemetery. What can I say? I like getting into character!
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