Friday, August 22, 2014

Old School Charm

Dress: c/o eShakti   Hat: c/o Oasap   Wedges: Just Fab   Watch: c/o Feral Watches
"I need to add a touch of Linda to this!" I thought, as I speculated the adorable vintage-inspired dress hanging before me. When eShakti offered me a chance to review another of their dresses, I leaped at the chance! Then my eyes landed on this classic beauty of a dress, and I immediately chose it without much thought. Well, with a dash of leopard print, fringe, and some eclectic jewelry, I feel like I tried out a new style while still maintaining my own. 

I tried eShakti's custom fit option, and boy, is this dress going to get some loving. It fits. Perfectly.
Do you know how difficult that is for someone with my body shape? If a dress fits my wide hips, it's too tight on my upper torso. If it's too tight on my hips, then forget about even trying to shimmy it on. It ain't happening. However, eShakti understands not all women come in the same size and caters to that. Finally!

So this is what I wore to go grab some coffee with Kirsten and explore a (new to us) shop downtown filled with antiques. We couldn't smother the gasps and squeals of delight that escaped us as we stumbled across treasure after treasure of history. From old school cameras, to vinyl records, to ancient photos of people from the past, we found a hoard of valuables that are just sitting in this tiny shop collecting dust. 

Ah, the things you discover if you just go a little out of your way to find them. 

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
Matthew 6:33
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 Electives You Should Take In College

This list I've formed is a mix of personal experience as well as some articles I've read and agree with whole heartedly. Getting started in college is exciting and such a great time for growth. However, while many buckle down and focus on their specific major, everyone should take an elective or two. Here are my suggestions on what you could look into:

1. Anthropology
I've always felt that most Americans are happily encased in their own little bubble. Well, if you take a Cultural Anthropology class, prepare to have that little bubble nudged and hopefully burst. Because honey, it's time you wake up to the way other people live around the world. Taking this class will help you open your eyes in better understanding how and why people around the world live the way they do. It's absolutely fascinating, and I promise you won't regret it! Also, to give you a practical spin, it will help you in communicating and understanding others that are from around the globe.

2. Physical Ed (That's right, PE classes everyone!)
We all know exercise is good, right? Well, it can become a chore if you're not a gym rat who absolutely loves working out. However, take a look at the Physical Activity courses your college may offer. You could try something a little out of the norm such as Zumba, Yoga, or maybe Spinning. It'll force you to set aside a period of time in the day for the activity, and you might discover something you'll stick with for the rest of your life! I know that after taking several such classes, I've found a few that I know I'll be practicing well into my old age. Not to mention, if you're a full time student, it's a good way to schedule in an endorphin release. Working out is such a great stress reliever!

3. Art
As an Art major, you had to see this one coming. However, I hope that even those who aren't the most artistic in nature could take an art class and learn to appreciate it. It doesn't have to be a painting or drawing class either! Try photography (darkroom photography is the best), printmaking, or ceramics. Also, consider dance or music as well! You never know what just may click. Besides, according to this article, it can help your brain age better. So workout those muscles and your mind this semester!

With Fall semester starting up, I wish all my fellow college-bound peers good luck and a good year!
I hope this list helps and perhaps you'll end up looking into one (or all) of these options. 
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Music Monday: Colony House

Today's Music Monday post introduces you to Colony House, a band with a catchy tune called Silhouettes. That's what first caught my ears' attention at least. Take a listen and see what I mean! 

Hope you enjoyed this little sample and check out more of their music!
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Denim Daze

Dress: AE   Jacket: Forever 21   Boots: Nasty Gal   Necklace: c/o Lylif
I cannot express the delight I got when I spotted this dress on the American Eagle clearance rack. The ironic part, was I was being such a good girl until my friend invited me to go to the mall with her. She ended up not buying anything while I walked out of there with a bag or two. Sigh.

The amount of comments and questions as to where I got this dress were numerous the day I wore this outfit. All of which were from older ladies, funnily enough. This acid wash, skater skirt is totally reminiscent of the 90's (which is making such a comeback in the fashion world), and I love it combined with my white leather jacket and insane Nasty Gal boots! With a swipe of red MAC lipstick, I felt like I could take on the world. Isnt' that such an awesome side effect of a good outfit? I love it!

If you follow me on Instagram (@dragonfruit_diaries), you probably know about the Monumentour concert I went to on Wednesday. Yes, that's right, I saw Paramore and FOB live!! Oh my word, it was the best show I've ever been too; which may not be saying much, since I've only seen four in my lifetime, but
My friend Ruth and I were late due to the insanely long line, and we walked into the event center right as New Politics finished up their set. However, we located another mutual friend and slowly wiggled, slid, and shoved (nicely, with muttered apologies) our way to the section of the sweaty body mass that she was at. About ten minutes later, Paramore took the stage in an explosion of lights and the screams of fans all around us. Still Into You started playing, and Hailey's aqua blue head bobbed furiously as she danced, kicked, and energetically worked the stage - which she proceeded to do for the next hour. Girl must be a cardio beast!
What else can I say? That's the best thing about live shows - you can't quite sum up into words what the experience is like. You have your favorite bands and artists, and you spend so much time hearing their songs as background anthems for whatever you may be doing. Then when you see them live, you feel that song to your bones. It moves you in a way you didn't think possible. The energy level of the crowd swells around you, carrying you with them and helping you reach a heart drumming exhilaration at the feeling of being there and connecting with both the artist and their fans.

It's an amazing feeling. One that I'd happily invest in again and again.

Anyway, they had some crazy confetti going on throughout their set, and towards the end, we were dancing, scream-singing, and waving our hands in the air as literally thousands (millions, possibly) of shreds of paper rained down on us and stuck to our sweat soaked bodies.
Unfortunately, Paramore's set had to come to an end eventually, and they said goodbye to us singing my favorite summer anthem, "Ain't It Fun."
Another wait ensued once they departed, and the set change took about twenty to twenty-five minutes.
I saw why it took a bit longer once the fireworks went off. Yes, Fall Out Boy's set began with a bang.
It startled me, but only for a moment once I realized what was going on. Fireworks had exploded up from the stage, and the hazy fog machines revealed the slow appearance of FOB as they rose from beneath the stage. They started their half of the show with "Phoenix", and I have to say, it's probably from their entire fist pumping setlist that's caused this ache in the base of my neck.
Apparently, I am capable of head banging. When induced with the correct music, strong emotions, and fiery adrenaline, it can happen.
There were more fireworks throughout, pillars of fire (which I could feel even from my spot in the crowd), and flashy graphics popping on the huge screen behind them.
Then the most amazing moment happened. Pete Wentz, one of the popular dreamboats from the band, made direct eye contact with me and smiled. Moments later, I felt something hard and plastic knock against my outstretched hands. After a bit of scrambling around on the confetti littered floor, I dug up the bass pick he'd thrown at me.
Night = made

So I could wax on and on about the concert, but I suppose I've shared enough in this post, eh? Haha, hope you enjoyed the photos! 
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