Monday, April 27, 2015

MUSIC MONDAY // Natalie Findlay

My favorite description of this 24 year-old from London's style of music can be summed up by this quote from an article: "She has a voice like Cerys Matthews, a style like Florence crossed with The Kills, but with a look that is more Rooney Mara."

I fell in love with her track "Electric Bones" which led me to investigate more into her music. Good thing I did, because I found a new favorite artist that I just had to share with you!

Take a listen and let me know what you think.
Happy Monday all! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

DISCOVER // Boise Green Fest

For what could be considered a small city, Boise has usually got enough events going on that I never feel like I don't have anything to do around here. When I heard about the Green Fest that was going on one weekend, I decided to walk over and check it out. They had shut down two blocks downtown just to host this event, and I'm glad I made it over for a few hours!

The Idaho Green Fest celebrates sustainability with music in the heart of downtown Boise. Performers, musicians, businesses, and food vendors gathered together and celebrated the conservationist cause.
I visited booths and stands that featured homemade treats, delectable chocolates (of which there was featured a Huckleberry Chocolate bar!), and fresh pizza that used locally grown and organic ingredients! It was a real treat, believe me.
There was an adorable food bus called The B Town Bistro where I got a margherita pizza, and it was the best pizza I've had in a long time. I'll definitely be stalking this food bus to figure out where I can next try some more of their fresh, organic-infused dishes!
While I wasn't too impressed by the musical acts that were performing while I walked around, I could still appreciate having live music present. I really liked the stage set up in Freak Alley, an iconic spot downtown that features amazing graffiti. The stage featured a silks section (as in the sort that aerial artists perform on). It was definitely a cool addition to the set! There were also artist booths set up where I spotted some fantastic metal casting pieces that were made with 100% recycled aluminum. 
So to end this post, here's a sneak peek at the outfit I wore for the day (I'll have an outfit post up featuring this look)! I hope you enjoyed this little post at one of the events hosted in Boise, and hopefully I'll be able to bring you more coverage like this in the future. Of course, I plan on being more prepared for taking high quality photos...these were all taken with my dying iPhone 5s, so sorry if they're not quite up to par with the usual posts. However, I couldn't resist sharing this event!

Did you like reading today's post? Would you be interested in more like it?
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

BEAUTY // My Lipstick Review PT 2: The Pastels & Plums

NYX Daydream and Power Lipstick
Welcome to Part 2 of my lipstick review! In case you missed the first one, check that out HERE to see my red and orange hues. Today, I'm reviewing my pastel and plum shades. So let's get right into it and see what pastel lipsticks I have in my drawer.

1. NYX: Daydream

NYX Daydream lipstick swatch
 I won't lie, the first time I put this lipstick on my thought was: "Oh goodness, why did I pick this color? It looks terrible!" It washed me out and looked far too pale a pink on my lips. However, I discovered if I lightly filled in my lips with my soft purple lip liner first then put this light shade on top, it made for the perfect compromise. So, at least I found a way to make it work!
  • PROS: good texture, long lasting
  • CONS: too pale for my skin color

2. NYX: Power

NYX Power lipstick swatch
Okay, I don't know why I thought a lilac color would look better than a pale pink, but...what do you know, it does! Or at least, it does in my opinion. If you're feeling daring and want to try a fun new color, I highly recommend NYX's Power lipstick. However, unlike my other NYX lipsticks, this is part of their Extra Creamy Round line, which means it has a moisturizing texture that, while pleasant to apply, smudges very easily. It's no matte finish, that's for sure!
  • PROS: fun color, moisturizing
  • CONS: smudges easily

drugstore plum lipsticks
 On to one of my favorite lip shades - plum! I've picked up several that I love equally and am excited to share with you.

1. Revlon: Va Va Violet

Revlon Va Va Violet lipstick try on
 First up, the darkest lipstick I own - Revlon's Va Va Violet! The bullet looks like it's almost black, but it glides on as a dark plum shade that's bold and seductive. I really love this lipstick and wish I'd worn this color more often while we were still experiencing winter weather. I feel like this shade is more appropriate for that season. However, perhaps on a night out I'll swipe this on anyway.
  • PROS: beautiful dark purple color, good texture and pigmentation
  • CONS: dries patchy

2. Maybelline: Plum Perfect

Maybelline Plum Perfect lipstick try on
Mmm, this is a more accessible plum color for a day-to-day look when you want to add a special touch to your lips. Every time I wear this lip color I get compliments on it! It has a nice creamy texture to it that I like, and the best part is that it dries evenly!
  • PROS: creamy texture, dries evenly
  • CONS: fades within a few hours

3. Milani: Sangria

Milani Sangria lipstick try on swatch
 I remember hearing about this lipstick as being a good dupe for MAC's Rebel. Since I wasn't in the mood to splurge for a MAC lipstick, I decided to give it a try. And that is how I discovered the deliciousness of Milani lipsticks. Besides this color, I've acquired two more tubes from the brand, and I've loved each one! They have good quality drugstore lipsticks that not only have fantastic texture, pigmentation, and long-wearing capability, but smell wonderful as well! 
  • PROS: good pigmentation, long wearing, good texture, and smells great!
  • CONS: honestly can't think of any

What did you think of Part 2? Any lipstick shades you're obsessed with? Which ones would you try?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

FEATURED // Links a La Mode & College Fashion Post

links a la mode iphone display screen
Hey guys! So last week I was featured in IFB's Links a La Mode, which is a great way to get your content out there. I've been in the round up a couple times before, and I think it's a fantastic concept. You get to discover a lot of great blog posts by others that are always interesting, and you simultaneously get more traffic through it! If you think you've got a good post for other bloggers to check out, you should definitely try submitting your link to get reviewed. You'll find more information on how to do that at the bottom of this list!

Links à la Mode: April 16

  • A Glamorous Revelation: Popular: The "Anti-Social Network" Magazine

  • Attire Club: The Best 7 Looks From Men's Resort 2015

  • Everyday Starlett: Spring Beauty and Fashion Essentials

  • Fashion Moriarty: Dressing for Spring When It Feels Like Winter

  • Flash 365: How to Choose Shoes for Summer Events

  • Foxie Oxie: Four Secrets of Successful Freelancing

  • I Can Style U: What's the Difference Between Denim and Chambray?

  • Kindly Sheree: Face Oil Is Good for Oily Faces

  • Les Assorties': Paris Je T'aime: Quinoa Paris

  • Mama Fashion Files: Closet Staple Series: Chambray Shirt

  • Musings of a Fashion Designer: Organic Shapes at Jabong Fashion Week

  • Pumps and Studz: The Burberry Trench vs. My Dupe

  • Riva La Diva: DIY Lanvin-Inspired Shift Dress Tutorial

  • Style Bizarre: The Best Summer Vegetarian Shoes

  • Sheela Writes: How I Healed My Face Post-Angioedema

  • Style Diary by Osy: The Wedding Guest: African Fashion

  • Style Standpoint: What I've Learned From Selling My Old Clothes

  • The Dragonfruit Diaries: Discover: My 5 Favorite Apps

  • We Are Readymade: Aggressively Wearable

  • Wishing for Chanel: Four Ways to Wear Floral

  • Want to be featured in Links à la Mode?
    1. Read the clarified rules and submit your links on this page: Links à la Mode.
    2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code.

    Also, I know I've mentioned earlier this year that I'm writing for College Fashion, but I've been forgetting to share links to my write ups on here (though if you follow my Facebook Page, you'll get more current updates!). So I figured I'd just throw in a link to one of my recent posts about Coachella Fashion! Check it out and tell me what you think.

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